The Internet is changing the way that we watch movies, and the ways that the global film community is adapting to those changes is inspiring, and really just plain cool. In a recent blog post The Austin Film Society talked about using these awesome streaming kits to actually live stream their events across the globe.

Not in Austin? No problem, just watch the event from where ever it is you happen to be. Actual physical location is becoming less and less important, and the result is the potential for huge audience growth. Imagine for a second that you could actually attend a premier, screening, or film festival without things like traffic or airfare.


Now stop imagining because that is exactly what is happening. Last week YouTube announced Your Film Festival, a film festival that will take place entirely on a YouTube channel where the winner will receive a $500,000 grant and the top 10 films will gain entry to the 69th annual Venice Film Festival. The website that has helped me waste immeasurable amounts of time watching funny cat videos (not judging, I really love those things) is presenting the film community with an amazing opportunity. I think this is representative of a new type of film festival where there is more opportunity for independent filmmakers to actually compete and make a name for themselves in the industry, which I think will only lead to better films and bigger audiences.