Aynan - Faces

Roqaya, and sometimes Mai, is a young girl from the countryside of Egypt, who lives and works in the capital city, Cairo. Her friend make a film with her about the social pressures that make them play double roles to survive in their society. The film depicts the last moments for Mai before she goes back to visit her family as Roqaya.


Director’s Notes

This film spans fiction and documentary, scripted and spontaneously captured scenes.  This artistic choice corresponds with the film’s theme, the duality imposed on people in the time and the place of the film. The actress used her own personal story of removing the “hijab” or veil, though unveiling was religiously and socially unacceptable. I was drawn to the idea of using two faces, a common human condition. The film was shot in two days. For most of the crew, it was their first film. The budget was around $20.

Showing 7pm Thursday, July 29th at theMexican American Cultural Center

About the Director

Hani Moustafa. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He has a BA of English and American Literature. He worked many years as a photographer and took many courses of filmmaking. In 2007, he joined the Jesuit Film School and started making his independent films. He considers his graduation film to be his first film which is Peaceful Life . And in 2009, he got the fund of the Ministry of Culture to make an experimental film with $16,000; Only One Person Can Fit in This Shoe. After that, he launched together with his friends filmmakers a small production house called BETNA Film Production and made the film Faces (A`ynan), and three more films in the post-production stage. He is working on his first long feature to be produced in 2010.




Special Thanks to Our Friend Director

Habi Seoud


Mai Abouzeid Story & Actress

Deena Ezzeedin Assistant Director & Actress

Noha Fekry Assistant & Actress

Yasmine Wadi Dialogue & Actress

Mahmoud Eissa Production Manager & Actor

Bashir Wagih Director of Photography & Actor

Mohamed Fekry Make-up Artist & Actor

Mahmoud Lotfy Assistant Editor & Actor

Michael Smith Music

Special thanks to

Ahmed Awny  &  Elizabeth Smith

Hani Moustafa Director & Actor