art erotica

Art Erotica pecks up the ironic skirt of the Octopus Club’s over the top art auction that cleverly links fun and human sexuality to HIV awareness and the perpetual support of the local ALDS community. Titillating images, witty characters, and an impressive soundtrack from Comfort Stand makes this documentary short even more entertaining than it is educational.

The recent surge in US HIV/AlDS compelled director Jason Howell to profile the Octopus Club’s successful and sustainable approach to HIV/AIDS awareness and community support. In future projects, Jason will apply his ‘educate through entertainment’ style to further engage the communities who currently have the highest rates of new infection in the United States: African Americans, Latinos. women, heterosexuals, and young people.



Director: Jason Howell

Editor: Marlo Kostelecky, Jason Howell

Video: Marlo Kostelecky, Jason Howell, Jarrod Wise

Graphics: Anthony Mauzy

Legal: Deena Kalai

Cast: Tim Young, Lew Aldridge, Chuck Watson, Michelle Patterson. Lee Manford, Steven Alchlmayr, Eddy Stratford, David Thibodeau, Ann Hargrove, Anthony Mauzy, Tim Ransom, Angela Atwood. Laurie Gallardo. Jimmy Guthrie, Joe Rivera, & Mauricio Carranza



Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka, Porn Music for the Masses: Baise et Rebaisc Mo;

(Lubna Lux);

Gloria (Pearls of Joy);

It Was A Dream (Ton Ruckert);

Vuluke Khall (DJ Bootsie);

Take Me Now! (Nick Chapman) and Lophopbora Williamssii (Eldad Tsabary).