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Lights. Camera. Help. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting filmmakers with nonprofits to amplify and multiply philanthropic storytelling through cause-driven films. To achieve this mission, Lights. Camera. Help. hosts the Aaron Bramley Film Frenzy, a one-week film competition pairing 10 local filmmakers with 10 nonprofits to produce a short film about the nonprofits mission or call to action.

It is often quoted that a call-to-action is 65% more likely to achieve success when associated with a video. Many nonprofits, however, fail to budget for film and video due to several reasons including costs, but also because they have never had the experience of working with a professional filmmaker. By participating in the Aaron Bramley Film Frenzy, nonprofits can get a video that fits within in any budget and gives them the experience and confidence to use video in their future storytelling.

Join Lights. Camera; Help. in meeting this mission. You can sign up for our newsletter, attend the next  Aaron Bramley Film Frenzy or make a donation today. If you are a nonprofit or filmmaker you can get involved in our next Film Frenzy.

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Our Work.

Reel Change Film Frenzy: The goal of the Reel Change Film Frenzy is to connect nonprofits in need of films with filmmakers who want to challenge themselves to create a great film:

  1. 10 nonprofits are matched with 10 filmmaking teams (currently serving Austin).
  2. The organization and the filmmaking team meet to decide on a concept.
  3. The filmmaking team produces a film for their assigned organization over the course of a week.
  4. The films are screened at the end of the competition.  We award a judges prize and a people’s choice prize to the winning teams.

Learn with LCH: Lights. Camera. Help. can educate your nonprofit on how to start using video as part of your communications strategy:

  1. Full-day workshops that teach you how to make films or work with a production company.
  2. Online training is available for organizations not in Central Texas.
  3. We’ve instructed over 350 organizations.  Is yours next?

You can contact Lights. Camera. Help. at

Check Out Our Awesome People.

The Co-founders and Board of Directors

Aaron Bramley

Aaron Bramley

I am a Co-founder and former Executive Director for Lights. Camera. Help. In this role, I’m responsible conceptualizing the organization’s vision and working to see it through. I focus on communication, collaboration, nonprofits, video, social media and the bleeding edge technology behind these things. I learn, I teach, I share and I work to make the world, or at least a small part of it, a better place.@AaronMSB

Rich Vazquez

RVazquezI am a Co-founder and former Board President of Lights. Camera. Help. I am also the Lead Programmer for Community Impact Newspaper’s focusing on hyperlocal news coverage. My current causes include promoting open source software, creative commons and computer security. I also serve on the board for the Austin Time Exchange NetworkSingle Parent Resource Network and EFF-Austin. I attended Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, majoring in Dramatic Writing and serve as webmaster for the Cine Las Americas film festival. @drapetomaniac

David J. Neff

DNeffI am Founder of Lights. Camera. Help. and current Vice-president of the Board. I would say that I am an author, teacher, speaker, blogger, network weaver, and social media scientist. For over 11 years I have been helping people and nonprofits focus on doing good all across the world. I did this through 9 years at the American Cancer Society as the Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy. While there I started their film and documentary department. I also shot a full length documentary and owned and operated a film production company here in Austin, TX. @daveiam


Cliff Wildman

CWildmanI am the Board President for Lights. Camera. Help. As the Board Education chair, I lead the education program and provide oversight and strategy for the organization as a whole.  I am Co-owner and a Producer at Pitch Productions and also in charge of Customer Success at uStudio, Inc. where I assist customers in distributing their video content where ever their audience is. My deep understanding of digital distribution opportunities allows others to focus on making great content while leaving the rest to me.


stclairChris St. Clair


I joined the LCH board as Secretary in November 2013.  Over the past 30ish years I’ve had the pleasure to work for some of the best companies in the high tech industry – IBM, Amdahl, PeopleSoft to name just a few. While at these companies I served in leadership roles in a variety of organizations including marketing, sales operations, channel development, and pricing. At one point in my career I even ventured off and enjoyed a successful run as a sole proprietor with my own Sales Operations Consulting practice.  Beginning in 2012 I began a fundamental shift in my career and started my own coaching practice focused on career and divorce coaching.  Coaching allows me to combine my years of experience as a business leader with my passion for helping people live to their full potential and realize their dreams.



Volunteer Staff

Katrina Tolentino

KTolentinoI am the Event Coordinator for the Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival.  I manage planning, logistics, sponsorships, and most anything else related to the Film Festival Awards Party.  I am socially driven and happiest building relationships, solving problems, and methodizing chaos.  During the day you can find me at IT Freedom where I do Marketing and Business Development.

L. Taylor Nixon

LTNixonI am the Community Development Coordinator of Lights. Camera. Help. I am a friend more and before anything else. I take this mentality with me in all roles from professional to personal. I strive to make others’ lives better, easier. I push for innovation, creation; I do my best to share, motivate and listen. As a growing professional and life-long student of communication and business development, I connect with others to move the world and its best ideas forward bit by bit. And without friends, life would be pretty dull.

Jackie Collett

JCollettJackie got her start working in and volunteering for nonprofits much longer than she will ever admit.  She first caught the nonprofit bug when providing afterschool programs to under-served children, and climbed the ladder that led her to serve as Executive Director of a local nonprofit in Austin.  Her professional experience in both programs and development provide LCH with a strategist focused on growth, and her budding interest in the power of cause-driven messaging through films feeds her desire to continuously learn how to be a more effective nonprofit advocate.  Jackie’s days are dedicated to continuing her community-focused career, and her spare time is spent practicing mixes martial arts, promoting mental health advocacy, and being a “behind-the scenes” LCH devotee.

Alex Stivers

LCHcrop1Alex came on board with LCH in October 2013 as a communications specialist and now commands web content along with the organization’s social media and media relations needs.  He has a wide experience in the fields of media and marketing, with career highlights as a TV news reporter, a media consultant, voice-over talent and now as part of the media relations department with the Texas Stars Hockey Club in Cedar Park.  Never afraid to step up to a challenge, Alex is always studying new ways to make a message more effective and embraces chances to be more creative. Alex’s other projects include SmashTag Concepts – a casual clothing startup catered to the Austin scene – and ATX Gridiron, a 2011 non-profit sporting event benefiting the Communities in Schools’ SmartKids program. Alex spends his free time writing, participating in rec sports leagues and enjoying everything Austin has to offer.

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